Houston we are live…

And so I’m live.

I guess the best way to kick this off is with WHY. I think it is because I find myself spending more and more time reading and “breathing” cycling – and this was the next logical step – as cliched as that sounds. I guess the plan is to update this on a regular basis and hope that I can start whoring myself out to race organizers to ride their races and weave funny and witty stories about my experience there.

I’ll also give anecdotal and biased feedback about the gear and toys I buy – I’m no DC Rainmaker – but I’ll give it a good old college try.

Ok, gently catch the monkey – watch this space for more info. My Garmin VIRB ultra and Varia light arrive tomorrow, or so FEDEX tells me so hopefully I can kick this blog off with a bang (hell I’d even settle for a good fizz)

Now to find out how to get more than my family reading this… suggestions welcome (he says to the empty room)

How does one end these things? Peace out (nope). See ya (nope).

Will deploy the old favourite: Best Regards


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