The Terry Pratchett light

Things that try to look like things often do look more like things than things. Terry Pratchett – the wyrd sisters

Before science became cool or even acceptable, and you could get hung for postulating that the world was in fact round. Back when times were simple  and witches floated (or sank, I can never remember witch) this light would have been magic. Funny this is – I had the same reaction this morning when I went out for my ride.

I turned my edge 510 on, an the light turned on. I started riding and true to form the light switches between low and high beams like driving a car – but automajically. Meh this is what it said on the tin (well it didn’t, only after emailing garmin to confirm that my now antiquated 510 supported the varia light) 

BUT! (Queue drumroll)

On my ride back – it was now sunny when I turned on my edge, the light turned on too, but it engages daylight mode, a slow flashing designed to irate drivers. How the varia knew it was daylight it beyond me and I welcome anyone to demystify this machine for me, but until then I’ll go with magic.

I’ll post pictures later – tomorrow I have a night ride with Ettix quickstep so that’s a perfect time to get some pics.

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