eBay and toddlers

So I’ve decided that I’m no longer safe on the road – crazy drivers (ok in korea there is some truth to this – I think their drivers license requires replicating scenes from mad max). As such there is only one answer. Radar. Like what helped the allies defeat the Germans in world war 2, on my bike. Awesome. AND, it doubles as a light. AND the technology was developed by a fellow South African. Win.

BUT, I’m not interested in paying retail – after all only snobs pay retail. Enter eBay.

I’m told that great deals are to be had on cycling gear on eBay, and the idea appealed – set my upper limit for what I’m willing to pay for a piece of kit and then my app goes into a one up battle with your app – and hopefully because I have  slightly (and I’m talking cents) deeper pocket, I win the item, get the girl and live happily ever after. Well I’m half way there, I got the girl so now I just need the gear.
Oh how naive I was. I think there is a thesis waiting to be written about eBay bidding behavior – Brinkmanship and late nights. 

After losing out on my first 3 varia radars, it just kills me to see that you lose out by a pound or a dollar. I’m sure the winning bid had set their limit higher but they only need to eclipse your max. Ok to be honest I probably could have tried harder but being in Seoul all my auctions ended at like 4 am – and I’m afraid for my safely but not THAT afraid.

So another varia went up, I controlled the bidding for the first 3 days and it had settled on £80 (retail is £150 or so…) then no one really bothered. While there were three other bidders in the mix I was cautiously optimistic.

Fast forward 2 days and I was still in tr lead. As usual with 8 hrs to go I went to bed. 

Come 4am our 2 year old decided it was cuddle time “huggy” she says. I walk her back tone and take 10 mins to settle her. As I lie down again I remembered my auction and curiously logged in. 

5 minutes till close!

Score, I bid and immediately was trounced. Ah so there was someone else at play. Game on. We danced while the time dropped and at 40 seconds to go we were at £92. I bid 94 and se did my mysterious challenger. They got in a second before me so even though the leading bid was 94 they had it.

10 seconds to go. 

Rapid typing ensured and suffice to say I secured a new varia radar for 96 pounds – and somewhere someone is frustrated. And tats why the fuel of this post is eBay and toddlers.

I’ll post a review of it once I get it 🙂 thanks for reading…

Update: just snipered a Asia winter jacket for £54. Must stop.

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