Masters Cycle Tour Korea Race 1 – Gangjin

Back home in Cape Town – the concept of having to drive more than 1 hour to get to a race offended me. If was as if I had an imaginary boundary further than which no one day event was good enough… Oh how I was spoilt. Once move to Korea later and I’m driving 6 hours – literally across the entire country – for a 78 km road race. If I only knew then what I know now.

“3 loops of 26km, including one longer climb not too long after the start. The climb is not too steep, but is long enough to make the peloton break up early in the race. Decent roads and no real tricky sections to worry about.”

This is how previous riders described the route – after the required strava stalking of previous strong riders I realised that I would have to put out ~400w up the climb to stay with these skinny homesick angel climbers. Thank fully as it turned out “only 350w” was required – and it turns out I am a better descender so I am proud to say that I was able to stay with the lead group for most of the race! 🙂

I really enjoyed the pace – averaging above 42km/h on the flats and ~ 2- 25 km/h up the hills. I realise that my indoor training has been a tremendous help but I need longer rides – as i flagged in the last 8 kms of the race – conceding 2 minutes to the lead pack and dropping down, down



To 78th place.

I will lick my wounds and come back fighting next month.

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