getting the best out of Strava for free

Hi my name is Luke and I’m addicted to Strava.

My ride ritual does not finish until I have had my recovery drink and reviewed my strava data. Advances in Garmins mean that my fenix3 and my 510 both push the event to strava automagically so by the time I’ve gotten into the shower its there in all its KOM glory. In fact – having a waterproof case means that I don’t have to wait until the shower to pour over the data… Im on the 3rd iteration of my lifeproof case – each replacement sent at no cost by lifeproof and each case having saved my phone from drowning in sweat (when in my back pocket) or from the sticky paws of my toddler spawn.

But we digress – Strava Premium – I’ve been a member ever since they started comping 3 months of Zwift subs. The day they ended that partnership I said goodbye to that subscription (premium NOT zwift!). While the year subs runs out – I’ve been looking for another tool to support my insight hunger – and I think I’ve found one. The obvious one is Stravistix – a chrome plugin that gives you more data that you know what to do with – provided you are on a desktop and running chrome. Good for post zwift race analysis but no real help in the shower…

Enter wattsdashboard. This handy little site pulls your strava data and gives you all the views you need on tap… works really well on the phone too. Below are some of the views that I like – I especially like the ave power against Coogans cat ratings 🙂

Sign up and let me know what you think in the comments below. I still need to find a way that I can get strava segments on my garmin once the premium subs run out – It a great motivator to push when a segment pops up on the screen!!!