About me

I like to ride bikes. From squishy soft tails that make even an XC snake like me survive a table top to #aero road bikes that make my eyes water.

I am a father of 2 rambunctious girls married to a woman who scares, inspires and finds ways to make me fall further in love with her every day.  We joked about how I was part geek and part biker and matched the CBeebies character “mr liker biker”. Enter my pseudonym stage left. For those of you who have yet to have your training schedules interrupted by nappies and incessant nursery songs – here is a link that will explain it all… This blog is all about the toys I buy, rides I do, races I race, falls I fall (?) and generally musings. I cant promise I won’t venture behind the curtain and run (no!) and swim (yep) every so often – but my heart is in a BB and always will be.