Ode to good gloves

So over a few drinks at Christmas lunch we decided that we had not had enough winter rides… Being a southern hemisphere lad I always followed (before Seoul) the rule that if there was a “-” next to the temperature one should stay in bed, of if you really felt committed – get up and get onto the trainer.


After a rather bad night (or so my garmin F3 tells me) I dutifully got up and was suited, booted and gloved in my cycling ninja uniform (my 4 years olds words not mine – but ill take it) I was ready to go. Turn on the garmin and watch with joy as my lighting system (varia) wakes its self up and turns on.

We met a the usual spot for our Namsam hill training session and one of the mad three remarked “I guess apple got it wrong again it’s not that cold”… As you can see below we went from Gung ho to frozen.

The mad three and Dr Evil…

But onto the real saviour of the day… My Outdoor Research Strom Tracker gloves. I owned a pair of these a few years ago and they managed to find their way to the place that all useful items of clothing and single sock do.

As a result after a particularly cold ride last winter, one that I had to use all 4 fingers to pull the brakes on (not fun when you are riding on a DH track…!) I found these gloves online – AND THEY WERE HEATED! Winner winner chicken dinner – until $250. Ouch. Thankfully Amazon had an overstock/returned pair in my size that were a more palatable $70.

I have come to realise that my fingers do not generate heat. Put them in normal gloves no matter how good and they do not get warm – gloves are merely windblockers for me – so I was very excited to try these heated gloves. Today would also be an interesting experiment in that I had not charged one of the gloves and so I had a great control group.

In short – the heating is subtle but definitely there – not strong enough to make your hands sweat unnecessarily (the hills do that well enough)  but strong enough to keep you comfortable – even at -9,6 degrees. (note the snow in the pic below)



Would I buy these at $250? Probably not. But if you can find them on sale then get in there – and just replace the batteries for $20.