So its come to this…

After months of talking about it I am going to start officially planning an Everest attempt.  Im even nervous writing this post because it means I’m committing to this insanity – This page will be forever archived on the web – There will be no putting this toothpaste back into the tube…

Before progressing much further its key to have my families support – gleaned via a brief conversation and follow up text.






In short at Everest it is the insane concept of picking one hill and doing repeats until you build up a total climb of 8848 metres – the height of Mount Everest.

Check out the website for more info here. Oh and you need to complete this challenge within 24hrs.

Let me just put this in perspective – to do this on:

Suikerbossie (the Argus climb) you will have to do it 71 times.

Boxhill (UK) 61 times

The Alpe D’Huez – 9 times








Any way you slice it that is alot of climbing. I have chosen this hill – it is a hill that overlooks the Presidents house in downtown Seoul.Here are its vital statistics:





That translates to 14 hours on the bike – The elevation graph reminds me of a bed of nails – no doubt what my saddle will start to feel like in the coming months!

I will be doing this in aid of a yet to be named charity and hope to secure company sponsorship in aid of this attempt – I will continue to write updates about this mad attempt in the coming months. Watch this space and wish me goodluck!!!